I. Geneva Motorshow 2017; Concept Cars & the Likes


This year, there were so many interesting new models coming out, in different concepts, sizes, shapes and colors, in Geneva Motor Show.


The most impressive one being SCG 003S, a successor to the Ferrari P4/5, the origin of Ferrari SP Project one-off car commisioned by wealthy American film producer/director and renowned car collector  Glickenhaus, and the subsequent P4/5 Competizione Racing car.

I. Recapping Ferrari One-off Special Projects: Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina


James Gluckenhaus formed Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, hence SCG, with former Pininfarina prototype manager Paolo Garella who was in charge of Special Projects and chief mechanic Sal Barone, and developed race cars, even rebadging his P 4/5 Competizione to SCG, taking Ferrari badge off.

The street version SCG003S, S for Stradale, powered by BMW sourced 4.4 twin-turbo V8 making 800 horses on carbon fiber tub frame only weighs 1225 kg, and it is supposed to run Nurburgring in 6:30.. FYI, current production car record is 6:52.01 by Lambo Huracan Performante recently..


SCG003C, C for Competizione, intended strictly to be a race car to be competing at the Nurburgring 24, is powered by 3.5L Honda V6 making 550 horsepower and heavier conforming to race regulations. But laps Nurbur a 6:20 on slick tires.. Shit..



Pininfarina, currently an Indian company since the takover by Mahindra group in 2010, has collaborated with Emerson Fittifaldi, 2 time F1 World Champion and 2 time Indianapolis 500 race winner, 1 time CART title holder Brazilian, and developed EF7 Vision Gran Turismo.

As the name suggests, it is featured in Gran Turismo racing game as a Vision Gran Turismo cars of Pininfarina, but they didn’t stop there and making it into a production, with 4.8 NA V8 making 600bhp on carbonfibre monocoque chassis and carbonfibre bodywork.


A total of 39 EF7 cars will be produced from spring 2018, following the number of Fittipaldi’s F1 Grand Prix wins, and each customer is supposed to be getting personal coaching from Emerson himself..




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