Bijutsu Techo 美術手帖 2003/10, with Takashi Murakami’s Miss Ko2 Limited Edition figure~


The package from Japan has finally arrived, Bijutsu Techo 美術手帖 2003/10 Edition with Limited Edition Figure of Miss Ko2 by Takashi Murakami that I’d found on ebay.


Carefully wrapped in transparent vinyl bag, then double bagged with bubble wraps, as the things in Japanese would be, the contents are in mint condition.

Takashi_Murakami_Louis_Vuitton_B.jpg.webrend.1920.350takashi_murakami_by_facelessrebelSpeedy-Bag-2-e14374039418321424968470565The most well-known Takashi would be the Louis Vuitton collabo works he’s been done for 13 years up until recently from 1997`2013, along with creative director Marc Jacobs changing to  former Balenciaga CD Nicholas Ghesquiere, including the limited edition Eye Dare You collection by Murakami and Jacobs shown above sold for $21,000 at Sotheby’s HK in 2014.


However, the most striking pieces for me were his early masterpieces from the 1990s.

It was 1998 or 1999, I was walking down the SoHo and went into a gallery, might have been the now defunct Feature Inc. on Allen St., and there was this brochure for their next exhibition featuring not so known otaku like Japanese artist back then, who formally studied and pursued a doctorate in Nihonga, traditional Japanese painting, Takashi Murakami.


On the exhibition brochure, there were pictures of My Lonesome Cowboy and Hiropon. And it was so striking and inspiring to me, seemed to have overcome another hurdle of high art, once broken by Warhol and fellas, with this somewhat tabooish and very vernacular and considered to be vulgar otaku-ish subject matter with narturally playful and straightforward depiction of Manga/Anime styled life-size figures in bright and clear tone.
Still can’t believe this toy-like Lonesome Cowboy has fetched a handsome $15.161 million at Sotheby’s..

54dafe0ab44c6_-_miss-ko-2-murakami-0908-lg-75230041TAKASHI MURAKAMI56-212370-murakami-3

Then this Miss Ko2, which was sold for $6,000,000 at Phillips New York Auction in 2010, a figure of slender and attractive waitress dreaming of becoming a pop star, would be an idealist depiction of bodily beauty and sexuality associated with otakus,


has been exhibited in many prestigious places such as in Versailles,


and in Brooklyn Museum, to name a few.

The magazine itself is quite interesting covering the artists and works dealing with human shaped figures, including my favorite artists Jeff Koons and Yoshitomo Nara.


It’s even a limited edition with serial number at 10435, Such a very limited edition, huh.


So, my humble Murakami collection is getting there with Super Flat Museum Conveni Edition and Los Angeles Edition already in place~

Horay~ kkk



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