Recapping Ferrari One-off Special Projects: SP12 EC

Ferrari SP12 EC (458 Italia)


As the nomenclature suggests, this modern reinterpretation of the legendary 512 BB (Berlinetta Boxer) was commissioned by none other than the legendary guitarist Eric Clapton himself and developed by Centro Stile Ferrari in collaboration with Pininfarina.


To fulfill Eric Clapton’s desire to drive a car inspired by the iconic 512 BB, of which he’d been owning and attached to, SP12 was based on Midship-Rear Drive 458 Italia, not on 599 or FF/F12 other special projects are based on.


Pininfarina reported the design process as follows;
“[…] the car’s most typical cue [is] the separation line between the black lower and the red upper parts. Perfectly horizontal in the original version it slopes steeply in the one-off. The line thus gains dynamism and modernity while remaining consistent with the original image.”


“The rear shoulder has been remodeled to create a more dynamic wing. Still in the rear we find strong references to classic Ferrari-Pininfarina styling cues such as the rear fins and vertical rear window which gave iconic status to cars like the 308, the Dino, the 208 or again the 288 GTO. Notes of modernity arrive from the Enzo-inspired headlights.”


“Special attention was paid to the design of the armrest: the guitarist in fact asked for particular care to be paid to this so that his fabled left arm was able to find appropriate room to lie on.”


The only remorse would be it retains the same 4,499cc F136 V8 making 570hp  from 458 Italia, it would have been ecstatic and even more complete  if they’d put some flat V12 heart like the good old 512 BB.


Guess this one would justify the $4.7 Million price tag Eric Clapton paid for..



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