Recapping Ferrari One-off Special Projects: P540 Superfast Aperta

Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta
(Base: 599 GTB)


In 2009, the second SP model was delivered to Edward Walson, son of John Walson who invented Cable TV in the States in 1940s in Mahanoy City, PA.


Based on 599 GTB Fiorano, it was intended to be a modern interpretation of 1964 Ferrari 330 Fantuzzi Spyder, customized by Carozzeria Fantuzzi as a targa-like body in gold for the “Toby Dammit” segment, directed by Federico Fellini, of the 1968 omnibus film “Spirits of the Dead”.


The original one looks totally much better.. Incomparable..


Designed by Pininfarina, built in Modena, finished in just 14 months from the sketch.


To modify 599 GTB into targa, it underwent extensive carbon fiber chassis strengthening with 20kg weight increase.


The commissioner was excited stating “This is the most special Christmas present of my life.” Special, for sure, as there’s only one..



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