[Tamanohada] Welcome Soap, Cute & Scented


WELCOMESOAP たいせっけん  (JPY 2,592円)

614-10174-881111_alt03TAMANOHADA’s welcome soap is designed in the shape of the celebratory fish, the bream. This beautiful, delicate shape is created using a process based on the wooden mould used to make the Japanese sweet called Rakugan.

The high-quality soap is made of natural plants and provides a gentle wash with its superior lather. The red bream soap is enriched with a marvelous red blossom fragrance and makes a wonderful gift for various occasions from a thoughtful thank you, housewarming or lovely gesture in your guest bedroom.


ざくろ  Pomegranate Scent



ゆり  Lily Scent


こくとう  Brown Sugar Scent


Price is little steep, but considering the size and wow factor of these cute soaps, guess it’s worth it.

Even the Conran Shop is offering it. Kool. Which scent and color would ya go for?

Link; TAMANOHADA Online Shop

Link; Conran Shop


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