Finally, The Flight Couldn’t Take Off Due To Flat Tire


During the ramp return, the pilot announced it was due to a flat tire.
Flat tires, It happens to airplanes as well!
So, here we are, back at airport terminal, with this ridiculous Transit tag with nowhere to be able to transit.. The last flight had already taken off from this airport.


They said it’d take an hour to fix it initially, but already an hour and a half had passed..


So, Turkish Air changed it to about the double..
With nothing much to do and practically nowhere to be able to go, we’re stuck at the Zagreb international airport.
I requested nicely for the airport WiFi password and a chance to smoke for the smokers, both were politely declined.


So, restricted to inside the gate area, it’s time to wander around the terminal trying to enjoy the nice graphic designs on the signages.


Very well executed design using the well balanced fonts, pictograms and color, indeed.


Even the toilet signs were unique, communicating well in line with others.


Somehow, reminded me of the simple and cute design of Koln Bonn Airport Identity Design by Ruedi Baur.


iv_kba_01.gifLink; Design Boom Interview with Ruedi

Link; Ruedi Baur Homepage


Checking back my passport, remnants of many border crossings of this trip, back and forth among 4 different countries, on multiple pages..


After about 3 hours waiting, they were hurrying to provide some drinks opening up the already closed food kiosk as it’s strict EU rule (EC 261/2004) to provide proper care, including meals and refreshments in a reasonable relation to the waiting time in case of delay; I will provide more detailed information on this later.


We were offered to choose only one cold beverage – So, Schweppes for me, no meals.
But they were trying, under the circumstances. I could seen that.


Finally, after about 5 hours later, we were able to board back on to the plane.


The tire should be totally fine by now..
Wait.. Are they still working on something under there?…



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