Finally, Rain Changes To Heavy Snow Storm Forcing Me Almost To Miss The Flight


Gotta catch the plane at Zagreb international airport in a couple of hours, then the rain suddenly changes to snowstorm..


A totally unexpected damn heavy one.. (It was mid-November ’15, not even December)
UP was sliding sideways plowing heavy snow totally unprepared..
It was one of the scariest driving experience I’ve ever had..

Highway speed limit changed to 30 km/h.. More accidents and abandoned cars are showing up on the highway shoulder..

Will I ever make it on time? I was basically given up the flight at this time, and worried would I be able to survive if forced to spend the night at the side of highway in the middle of nowhere, with no friend or acquaintance to call for help..


Adding insult to the injury, Google map navigation on my iPhone stopped working near the airport with 30 minutes till the flight.
Later I figured out my data roaming plan got expired at this very crucial moment as I’ve planned it I’d be already on the plane about that time.


Fortunately, I was able to arrive at the airport 25 minutes before the flight.
I was ready to throw the car key and leftover Kuna to the AVIS rental car desk attendant to be able to rush to the Turkish Airline counter. But there was very slow customer making me wait for my turn… I needed to rush faster after that..
Then, how nice and courteous were all the staffs at the Zagreb airport, They even let me check in my large and heavy luggage (Remember the Steering column and all for my Alfa Romeo I’ve picked up in Trieste?)

I totally luuuuuv Croatia~~~


So, miraculously, I was able to take the flight, with everything in order, without delaying the flight. The plane was taxing out to the runway in a peaceful manner on time.


Then, the plane suddenly stopped.. Ground crews were coming up to the plane and talking to the pilot in the cockpit.. Pretty serious..


We were asked to disembark. It wasn’t due to some Macadamia nuts, for sure..



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