Finally, Back Up To Trieste, Italy, To Pick Up Alfa Romeo Parts


Croatia toll highways are worth paying for with well paved roads with almost no traffic.


Highway tolls might be the only place you can officially use Euro currency along with Kuna, as it shows the toll in both currencies.
Beware there are crooked toll collectors who’d rip you off if you’re paying in Euro. (Ask them to show the amount in screen if they don’t.)


To get up to Italy, you gotta cross the border to Slovenia as it’s on the way.


Speed limits are pretty much the same in those three countries basically, and Daytime Running Lamps are mandatory.
There’s no toll in Slovenian highway as they use Vignette system like Swiss I’ve mentioned earlier; Finally, Zagreb, Croatia, to Ljubljana, Slovenia, Crossing the Border


There’s no border crossing between Slovenia and Italy as they’re in Schengen zone.
How cool is that, Europe with no border, you bitch, Marine Le Pen.


My Alfa Romeo parts have been waiting for me as I’ve ordered at DeBona Motors in Trieste, Italy.


Grazie Mille, Paolo, My good friend, for taking 20% off MSRP as you couldn’t take the VAT off, even though you don’t speak English at all.


My prized Steering Column, High Pressure Hose and Water Pump, all ready for my Italian stallion.


UP is fully stuffed, and now back to downtown Trieste for good night’s sleep at House 5.



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