Yummy Tendon at Live Seafood Tempura Bar at PK Market in Starfield Hanam


Looks like it’d be easy to locate this place, but it was rather tricky to get here; First, get inside of the PK Market on B1 of Shinsegae Department store, then look for seafoods section on the right side all the way inside.


Rather understaffed with only one Filipino? Lady assistant in a very busy environment with different stuffs to take care of. But the master was keeping his cool even under pressure with lots o ppl waiting and ordering things.


Salmon, on the back of the menu plate, is just there to make sure this place serves seafoods, I guess – I liked the illustration anyways.


Today was for Tendon, and the time was almost last call.. So Assorted Tendon this time, will try others later. Baby Crab Tempura seemed especially tempting.


Impressively generous looking presentation, with the help of a small plate standing on the back of the tempuras~ Clever.


Tendon, Side soup, and Tsukemono, Simple.


Assorted Tendon comes with two large Shrimps, Stuffed Pepper, Squid, Shiso and Sweet Potato Tempuras over rice.


Tempuras were quite good with extra layers of crispy batters added over and over making it crunchy yet soft inside. Pre-sprinkled Tare sauces weren’t somehow enough for me, especially on the rice, and the master gladly served more on the side.


And the tsukemonos were unexpectedly good as well, Takuan, Rakkyo, and some green stuffs were making a very good companion.

Live Seafood Tempura Bar @ Starfield Hanam
750 Misa-daero, Hanam City, Gyeongki-do
+82 1833 9001
Opens: 10:30AM-9PM

Starfield Hanam PK Market

Atmosphere: 8.7/10
Food: 9/10
Value: 9.5/10
Overall: 9/10



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