[Tim Layzell] Cool Motorsports Pop Arts by Talented British Artist


Very kool stylized depiction of race cars in motion with very carefully selected use of limited streaks by Tim Layzell.


Known for artworks for posters of Pebble Beach Retro Auto, this talented guy started drawing cars at the age of 4.


The drawing of blue ex-Bira ERAs on right dated around 1987, when he was aged 6, looks convincing.


At the age of 13, Tim entered and won the British Racing Drivers Club Young Motoring Artist Award, exhibited at the Coys International Historic Festival at Silverstone, his artwork became immensely popular since then.


Stages of complex development; Flash of Brilliance


He’s done portraits of legendary drivers as well, such as Graham Hill, James Hunt, and Sir Stirling Moss.


And more of detailed landscape-like pieces as well.


Seems his style looks best with this kind of simplified and stylized paintings as shown on this artwork with classic E-type, Bentley Speed Six and McLaren F1 for “Classic & Sports Car -The London Show” and F-Type commissioned by Jaguar.


Great artworks! Keep on creating more exciting and inspiring Motorsports artworks, Tim!

Link; Tim Layzell Homepage

Link; Goodwood Revival Article



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