Finally, Strolling Down the Historic City of Trogir at Night

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Getting back to Croatia from Montenegro requires two more border crossings again. Now, safely back in Hrvatska, EU territory.
Only two more left crossing Bosnia and Herzegovina from Dubrovnik to upper part of Croatia.


Getting close back to Dubrovnik, there’s a great spot to enjoy the night scape of the Old Town on the road on top of the city.
Don’t forget to stop by here as you can have a great vantage point from top of the stairs on top of the hill.



Now, the Historic City of Trogir, Grad Trogir.


So, it’s late at night when I arrived in the historic city of Trogir of Dalmatia, a UNESCO World Heritage site, founded in 380 BC by Greek colonists.
The historic city is pretty compact to take a look, located on a very small island between the mainland and the Ciovo island on the south.


Night view of Kamerlengo Castle and the old city was stunning from the ACI Marina across the sea. People at the marina were very friendly, chatting over the yachts and stuffs for quite some time.


Since I was staying on the Ciovo island in a walking distance, I was strolling down to the island crossing Ciovski bridge.
The whole island is fully historic, only except road signs and something along those lines, as if time has stopped at some point in there.


St. Dominic Monastery, founded in 1265, looks cool with palm trees around.


Grad Trogir, The City of Trogir, welcomes you no matter what time it is.


Located in the south western end of the island facing outside the channel, Tvrdava Kamerlengo, Fort Kamerlengo stands firm with scars from the long history it’s bearing.
Built in the late 14th/early 15th century by Republic of Venice as part of an expansion of the Veriga Tower, it almost dilapidated during the Second World War, then has been restored and preserved.


And the western part of the castle is a park, and there were goalposts right by the wall for playing soccer.
How kool is that..



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