Finally, Picking Tangerines in the Garden of Villa Lucica Trogir


Arrived late at night, recently renovated Villa Lucica Trogir in Otok Ciovo greeted me with neat and modern interiors with nice terrace, equipped with sun bed and even ashtray.
The lady owner, Valentina, was nice enough to get me a tourist map and tangerines freshly picked off the tree in the garden, and told me to feel free to pick some more in the morning. Thanks~

We’ve had some time to chat, and she told me Croatian people are mostly too naive, spending too much time at cafe or something like that, not working hard enough.

Well, I guess that’s a different perspective on assessing what’s the better life to live, living hard enough to have very little time for leisure, or enjoy slow life today with less reward and income.. It’s a tough call, but I was envying those Croatian kind of life, if it’s actually true, rather than working like a dog worrying about everything, my current way of life.


I was able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, then have the leftover Karadorde’s steak from Montenegro as a breakfast, with fresh coffee.
See the tangerine tree in the garden~


There was only one tangerine tree in the garden, but more than I thought were there in one tree and many were ripen, ready to be picked.


SoI’ve picked two fresh tangerines right out off the tree~
How cool is it you can pick tangerines in the garden as you wish. Thanx again, Valentina~

batch_IMG_6128Link; Villa Lucica Trogir Page



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