Finally, Having Kinda Sumptuous Dinner at Restoran Olimpija in Montenegro


Driving down the Montenegro coast going south, I’ve realized it was getting dark, and I was getting hungry.
So I stopped by at this faithful-looking Restoran Olimpija in front of the rather large resort style building, in Kumbor, Herceg Novi.


It was kinda quite interesting experience as there wasn’t any other guests, in the whole medium sized, not small restaurant, even though it was off-season.
I was escorted a polite staff to maybe the best seat there, in front of fireplace decorated in, maybe local Montenegrin style.


They were offering wide variety of selections, and pricing was quite sensible, indicated in Euro. Euro is the official currency here.
I wanted to try something local-Montenegrin specialty, as well as some seafood being right by the coast, so I ordered both.


Gambori – Grilled Prawns came out with rice and some potatoes and veggies.


Recommended by the waiter, Karađorđeva šnicla – Karadorde’s Steak, named after the Serbian Prince, was a rolled breaded cutlet with Tartar sauce and Pommes frites.


Prawns are always good, especially if it’s grilled. Prawns, rice and veggies, all were little too salty in my taste, maybe it’s the Balkan Peninsula style of cooking.


Rolled Karadorde’s Steak was quite okay, but I was too full after the Gambori, So doggy bagging after tasting.

It was a fun and kinda cultural experience eating alone in the whole place, surrounded by maybe Montenegrin folk kind of music.
Oh, it took quite a long time to take the change back as I paid with 100 Euro bill.
Judging from the staff was still breathing hard, he must have been running around to break the bill.. I should’ve left more tips there..


All in all, my dinner in Montenegro was successful, now it’s time to head back up to Croatia as it got dark~


Restoran Olimpija
Kumbor, Herceg – Novi 85340, Montenegro
+382 31 580 235
Opens: 8AM-10PM

Link; Restoran Olimpija Facebook Page

Atmosphere: 8/10
Food: 7.7/10
Value: 8.5/10
Overall: 8.2/10


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