LEGO IDEAS for Adorable Fiat Nuova 500 F


Fiat Nuova 500, such a lovely car with more than 4,250,000 produced in 18 years, from 1957 to 1975.

Fiat Heritage Nuova 500 Page


This cutie could actually be produced by LEGO if it gets enough vote, submitted to LEGO IDEAS out of the collaboration between gabriele.zannotti and saabfan!


This project features a highly detailed replica of the iconic 1968 Fiat 500 F! Produced from 1957 to 1975 the Cinquecento is considered one of the first real city cars.

Consisting of 1157 pieces (all add-ons included) this model would be the ultimate for any fan of the Italian legend and definitely a great addition to any Lego collection.


The major features are:

  • detailed exterior with custom prints such as the fiat logo and several prints on the back end
  • openable hood, trunk and doors
  • sun-roof (closed and opened)
  • removable luggage-rack on the back end
  • suitcase with a bottle and a glass inside
  • detailed trunk with spare wheel, fuel tank, car jack and a toolbox
  • engine compartment with a detailed 500cc straight twin engine
  • detailed interior with movable seats, pedals, handbrake as well as custom prints for the dashboard and the speedometer


Would like to see it produced, anyone?

LEGO IDEAS Fiat 500F Page


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