Finally, Out of Dubrovnik, HR, to Montenegro, MNE



So, now I have very good impression on the country of Croatia, and its people as well. 

Facts; Republic of Croatia  |  Republika Hrvatska
– Capital: Zagreb (Been there, and most people knows)
– Official Language: Croatian (Many use perfect English)
– Ethnic Groups: 90.4% Croats, 4.4% Serbs, 5,2% Others
– Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic – President: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic  (Yes, Female President here) 

Kolinda Grabar Kitaroviæ prisegnula za predsjednicu RHmaxresdefault

Link; Facebook page of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic

  • Establishment: 8th Century – Duchy of Croatia /
       Decision on Independence: 1991/6/25 (From Yugoslavia)
    – Area: 56,594 km2 (124th)
    – Population: 2011 Census 4,284,889 (128th) 

– GDP (PPP) Per Capita: $21,581 (57th) – IMF 2015
– GDP (Nominal) Per Capita: $11,573 (57th) – IMF 2015
– Gini (2014): 30.2 (Medium)
– Currency: Kuna (HRK)
– EU Accession: 2013/7/1


We’re still in Croatia, we’re in good hands~

Then to Montenegro..


Facts; Montenegro  |  Crna Gora  Црна Гора
– Capital: Podgorica  (Ummm..)
– Official Language: Montenegrin
– Ethnic Groups: 45% Montenegrins, 28.7% Serbs, 8.6% Bosniaks, 4,9% Albanians
– Government: Parliamentary Republic – President: Filip Vujanovic  (Ummm…) 


– Establishment: 625 – Formation of Duklja as a vassal of Byzantine Empire /
  Dissolution of Serbia and Montenegro: 2006/6/3
– Area: 13,812 km2 (161st)
– Population: 2011 Census 676,872 (163rd) 

– GDP (PPP) Per Capita: $16,123 (74th) – IMF 2015
– GDP (Nominal) Per Capita: $6,489 (80th) – IMF 2015
– Gini (2014): 26.2 (Low)
– Currency: Euro
– EU Accession: No

So, it’s an unknown country to me, became a current state in only 10 years ago..
*They use Euro as their official currency where they’re not part of European Union.. Ummm..


So it was little worrisome when crossing the border to this uncharted territory – to me.


Nothing much has been changed from across the border, but somehow it feels like pavement conditions are getting kinda worse and the road signs are becoming lil cheesy, feels like.. Guess it’s my misconception.
We’re in Montenegro, now~



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