Amazingly Well-Crafted Working Custom RC Land Rover Defender Created with LEGO


Land Rover Defender, very appropriately featured as Lara Croft’s personal expedition vehicle in Tomb Raider, would somehow be most guy’s dream 4X4.


Memorized as an extraordinarily capable extreme off-road expedition vehicle, winning Camel Trophy.


And as the Queen herself’s favorite 4X4.


Even though the production has unfortunately been ended in January 2016, after 36 years since the first 110 has been produced in 1983, it’ll continue to live on.


And it’s actually possible Defender production could be restarted, not by Land Rover, but by UK chemical tycoon and billionaire, Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of INEOS.

Link; LRO Article on Resurrecting Defender



I thought this custom RC Defender 110 made out of 100% Lego Parts, by Sheepo (Fernando) of Vailacarrilo, Spain, is pretty kool.


With 2-speed transfer case, sequential gearbox with auto clutch, live axels with working suspension, disc brakes and all.

CIMG2436imagePortada Final

Pretty detailed with working steering wheel and even speed indicator.

Link; Lego Ideas Defender 110 Page

Link; Sheepo’s Garage Land Rover Defender 110 Page


Then, here comes the real deal by Sariel (Paul),
a graphic designer from Warsaw, Poland.


Featuring fully functioning 4X4 Drive with remotely locked center and rear differential, live axle suspension, sequential 4-speed transmission, steering, of course, and working lights, turn signals, and spot lamps, plus, even working winch..


2 x PF XL motor, 1 x PF L motor, 2 x PF M motor, 1 x PF Servo have been utilized to make this complex system working..


Down to the cute and attractive decals, who wouldn’t be interested in enjoying this marvelous remote controlled Defender made of LEGO.
Lego, please please please make this into production.

Link; Sariel’s Land Rover Defender 110 PAge


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