Finally, Visiting the Friars Minor Pharmacy at the Franciscan Monastery, 3rd Oldest Pharmacy in the World


Originally opened in 1317, the Friars Minor Pharmacy is the third oldest functioning pharmacy in the entire world, and they’re still in operation for more than 700 years now.. (The first in Bagdad, and the second one in Padova)


And it’s very simple and easy to get there if you know the way;
First, Follow the alley on the right of the Holy Savior Church, which is on the immediate left, across the Onofrio’s Fountain, when you get in through the Pile Gate. To the left of the same building, you can get into the city walls entrance.


You can see the pharmacy sign with green cross.


There, on the left.


This is the door to the Pharmacy.


And you’re not supposed to take pictures inside the pharmacy, they won’t let you.


The pharmacy will look like this. (Image courtesy of Timeout Croatia)

Link; TimeOut Croatia’s Old Pharmacy Article



Now you can pick up the popular Krema od Ruza, Rose Cream, or many other offerings they have, for yourself, or as a present for your friends, family, and loved ones.
It’ll make a great souvenir of Dubrovnik, and of Croatia, as there ain’t much of very authentic Croatian stuffs except maybe Cravat (Kravata) – tie, which was originated here in Croatia back in the 1630s as a military item for Croats regiment (probably for hygienic purpose).


Links; Samostan Male brace Dubrovnik

Placa 2, HR 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
tel. 00385 20 641 111
fax. 00385 20 641 123


5 thoughts on “Finally, Visiting the Friars Minor Pharmacy at the Franciscan Monastery, 3rd Oldest Pharmacy in the World

  1. We just purchased 7 of the Krema od Ruza creams in Dubrovnic very recently. Could you help me find out about the shelf life of the creams. I know they have no preservatives and bought them to give as gifts for Christmas. Now wondering if they will not be fresh at that time. Thank you!!!


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