Suddenly, Tarihi Eminönü Balık Ekmek for Grilled Mackerel Sandwich


At Galata Bridge, many people are fishing, wonder what they’re getting, maybe mackerels?


Fishing continues at night, hope they’d get more.


I was recommended personally by multiple friends multiple times, to try this mackerel sandwich when visiting Istanbul.
So I thought mackerel sandwich gotta be one of the common dishes in Istanbul, but no restaurant had it wherever I stopped by.


Then I found this interesting place directed by a tout at some other restaurant.


And all was quite interesting; you line up to buy mackerel on Baguette, grilled on the boat, then try to find a seat in always crowded place, aflunter with young boys trying to sell sodas or Sangrias.


You seat with other people on a small table, then they casually speak to you introducing their families and their story in a very friendly manner. Amazed.


Grilled mackerel sandwich itself, was much better than I’ve imagined, so I ended up visiting here again. (I guess it was 8TL – $2.70 USD each.)


Just bear in mind this place is crowded all the time, and the person sitting next to you may not be as friendly.


Atmosphere: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Value: 9/10
Overall: 9/10


Link; Tarihi Eminonu Balik Ekmek Facebook


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