Suddenly, Seoul to Istanbul

스크린샷 2015-12-15 오후 10.23.18

After a quick, then an extended search over KAYAK, figured out that from SEL to ZAG, Croatia, there are normally three flights with sensible fares;

  • via Turkish Airline through IST: Istanbul Ataturk Airport – Istanbul, Turkey,
  • via Aeroflot through DME: Domodedovo Moscow Airport – Moscow, Russia,
  • via Qatar Air through DOH: Hamad International Airport – Doha, Qatar.

Had to choose Istanbul over the two others, so it’s THY this time.


Aircraft is equipped with newer entertainment system running on Android, including Nose view and Downward View cameras, plus USB port as expected, Yes!


Different Amenity bag each way.


Not bad in-flight meals, It’s been a while to choose from a menu for in-flight meals~


Not so very convincing Turkish Technic without even a passenger boarding bridge from the aircraft to the airport terminal..

Then long long lines for foreigners at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. It’s Turkey now.



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