Suddenly, Hagia Sophia, Orthodox to Catholic to Islam then to a Museum


The Istanbul Marathon finishes here at Sultanahmet, right in front of Ayasofya.


I’ve never been to any kind of Mosque before, except the New Mosque on the way here, and never really thought it would be this overwhelmingly interesting.


Then this Hagia Sophia opened me new perspectives on how human being can create a huge incredibly interesting structure combining beautiful and complex architecture, art, craft, culture, whatnot..


In fact, I liked the Blue Mosque better aesthetically, but this Hagia Sophia was quite unique with it’s own interesting history, with much more visual contrasts summed up harmonized with such delicate and painstaking details in a sublime space..


It served as a Greek Orthodox Cathedral from 537 to 1204, then converted to Roman Catholic Church under the Latin Empire until 1261, then to Mosque from 1453 to 1931, now it’s a museum since 1935.. What a history


I believe it’s totally worth the little wait on line to experience this very interesting combination of art and culture.



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