Suddenly, Beautiful But Not Very New, “New Mosque”


From Galata Bridge; there was a marathon so the road was open to pedestrians.


This Yeni Cami Eminönü, Literally New Mosque, was the first mosque I’ve been into in Istanbul, the first time in my life finding myself in a Mosque to be exact. Very new~


I was just stopping by casually on the way to Sultanahmet area.


Just needed to take off my shoes instructed by signs in entrances, carry in provided plastic, went in.. then it was very grand and beautiful, way over what I’ve imagined of a mosque.


Unexpectedly overwhelming and beautiful.


I thought this mosque would be quite a new one judging from the name, but found out later the construction began in 1597, and the New Mosque name has been shortened from New Valide Sultan Mosque, abandoned since 160203 until the renovation completed in 1663. That’s more than 350 years ago..


Cute tab for washing yourself clean.


Right south from Galata Bridge and next to Spice Bazaar, New Mosque is quite a handy and enjoyable spot to stop by as there’s neither set time for visitors/tourists, like Blue Mosque, nor admission fee, like Hagia Sophia.



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