Suddenly, Basilica Cistern, Sunken Roman Water Palace in Istanbul


This Basilica Cistern, Yerebatan Sarayı – “Sunken Palace”, was so different from anything else in Istanbul, so beautiful with the appropriate lighting and even more appropriate BGM – serene, but fantasmagorique, like Siren’s song, in the dark.


After visits to enormous mosques with full of people; Hagia Sofia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque and all, you may find yourself relaxed and rejuvenated here at underground Roman water palace with 336 marble columns.


There could be long lines at times, but won’t need to wait that long as people are moving fast. Entrance fee at 20 TL (Turkish Liras only), this place is a must visit in Istanbul.

Oh, BTW, Beware of the Binbirdirek Cistern Nearby..


Comparing to the the Basilica Cistern right near, this place doesn’t really have anything.
I felt like 10 TL entrance fee has been effectively robbed in 5 Minutes. Good thing is it’ll take only 5 mins to look around inside.


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