Suddenly, Authentic Turkish Bath at Cagaloglu Hamami


There are street stores every corner, mostly selling roast chestnuts, sometimes roast corns or oysters.


They’re selling it by weight, then they actually measure it, not just count numbers of chestnuts or anything.


It was like, roast chestnut, pretty much the same roast chestnuts.



Classic Fiat 124 in Mint in mint condition on the way to Turkish Bath, kinda halfway between Grand Bazaar and Sultanahmet.


I’ve chosen this Cagaloglu Hamami based on Rick Steve’s Istanbul episode, and it was quite authentic feel with historic atmosphere.


I’ve tried Complete Bath Service at EUR 50 including massage and Peeling/washing.


First, you change to a bare towel and lock the door, then get into this large sauna with glass openings on the ceiling relaxing yourself.
Oh, it says tipping is optional, but fellas working there doesn’t seem to be thinking that way.. It’s your call.


Then there’s supposed to be a Turkish massage which wasn’t much, then cleaning with soap and wash mitt which also wasn’t very intensive.
Frankly, rather a joke if you’ve tried Korean washing/peeling.



But the experience overall was quite so enjoyable with very authentic historic Turkish facilities where well-to-do Turkish people and others would have enjoyed there for a long time, including Omar Sharif, Kaiser Wilhelm, King Edward John VIII, George Soros and Jenson Button.


They have their own website, so it’d be better to check in advance what you’d like to get.


Link; Cagaloglu Hamami Homepage


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