Suddenly, at Rapunzel Hostel on the first night in Istanbul


This cute little place is a Hostel with nice and friendly staffs, very close, 5 minutes walk, to Galata Tower, the one most are to stop by in Beyoğlu district. So it’s safe to bet not to expect 5 star hotel amenities and concierge service here.


And as expected from nice hostels, guests can hang out together with fellow tourists from all over the world at the Rooftop patio.

There was a small farewell party for a long-staying guest, and I was treated with chocolate cake even though I just went up there out of curiosity. Kinda heartwarming experience since I was backpacking back in the days.
Could get somewhat noisy in a compact room, but it’s what’s expected at a Hostel.


Quite basic, but clean and well prepared for wanderlusters, interesting pictures and even a sheet printed out with times and entrance fees at most attractions hanging on the wall.


View from Rooftop patio is quite close to the one from Galata Tower.


Then this curious cat was peeping into my room when I got back down.


Could get little tricky to get to from M2 Sishane Metro station, especially if went out on a wrong exit, as the station is located in the middle of a hill. I guess it’d be better if you can come out to İstiklâl Caddesi (Istiklal Avenue) side exit.

All in all, it was quite cool to stay in this kind of setting in a long time.

Rapunzel Hostel Homepage Rapunzel Hostel Page



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