Suddenly, Another UNESCO World Heritage site, Valens Aqueduct and Sehzade Mosque


Fatih Anit Park, not much.


The Valens Aqeduct, Bozdoğan Kemeri, completed by Roman emperor Vaens in the 4th Century A.D., itself is quite amazing as the most of its original structure is standing there, utilized for different purposes; some part highway, some part parking lot.


It’s even more interesting if you venture further into the neighborhood east of the Aqueduct.
It’s very authentic with many butcher shops and other small stores; beware that some grotesque products included.


Also, don’t forget to visit Şehzade Mosque close by, which is another UNESCO World Heritage site, as it’s not easy to get one of those places by tram or subway. (There’s be buses but not easy for tourists)


Şehzade Mosque, Şehzade Camii, is another gem hidden away in the less visited area of Istanbul, very close to Valens Aqueduct.


Commissioned by the Sultan as a memorial to his son Şehzade Mehmed who died in a war in 1543, it is referred to as the “Prince’s Mosque”.


The grand exterior with large colonnaded forecourt is impressive with stylish ablution fountain, while the interior boasts not too complicated clear, sometimes cute details.


Garden accompanying the Mosque being also beautiful to stroll around, this place would be worth visiting if you know how to get there easily.



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