Finally, Zagreb, Croatia, to Ljubljana, Slovenia, Crossing the Border


So, stopped by at the gas station to fill UP up, before getting into the unknown territory, unvisited country, Republic of Slovenia; Republika Slovenija. 


Interestingly, bordering to Croatia, and formally a part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia is a member of EU, and the official currency is Euro €, where Croatia is EU but uses their own currency, Kuna (HRK), then Montenegro, another former Yugoslavia country, uses Euro but not a member of EU..  I’ll talk more about this later in Montenegro part..

Then there comes a Vignette system to drive in Slovenia, much like in Switzerland.
You need to buy a Vignette and put on your windshield to be able to drive in Slovenia without interruption.


Link; Slovenia Official Vignette Guide


There’s a booth right after the Border Crossing to check whether you’ve got a valid vignette, so save yourself time and possible fine and go ahead and get one at a gas station before the crossing.
They were really checking it thoroughly making mine undetachable from the windshield that I’ve sticked only the half of it to be able to take it out later as a souvenir..


In line with Croatia, Slovenia’s highways were very well maintained, making it a very pleasant drive; it’s more of people who are driving properly staying in the right lane except for passing as most Europeans do.
Hooray to European driving in general at this point!!!


Pale yellow Baroque style building, St. James’s Parish Church, Župnijska cerkev sv. Jakoba, Šentjakobska cerkev, caught my eye making me stop on the way to Ljubljana Castle to take a look.


Slovenian style of street sign were also clean and classy.


Then there was this cute ornament, maybe celebrating the season with ethnic woven patterns and knitted ball, covering what seems to be a fountain in the center of a town plaza.


Very artistic and interesting Slovenian style starts here~



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