Finally, Zagreb 360 near Ban Jelačić Square and Cutesy Tram


Being the capital and the largest city of Croatia, Zagreb is a historic city dating back to the Romans, first mentioned in 1094.
The name Zagreb would have been come from the Croatian word “zagrabiti”, meaning “to scoop”, relating it to the legends to scoop up the water from the ground then settlement established around it.


Many sculptures here and there in the city, as well near the Zagreb 360, art loving people.


To Zagreb 360, get into the building here.


Take the elevator, voila, Zagreb 360, Top of the tallest building in Zagreb, at 16th floor.


Nothing groundbreaking here, just a view of cute little city below.


Lanterna na Dolcu restaurant, finally got to by asking multiple times around, strongly recommended by the B&B owner, was closed after all on Mondays.. Try here not on Mondays.


So tried Norturno in the alley, trying steak with gnocchi, not bad but not anything extraordinary – as usual in Croatia.


The statue of Count Josip Jelačić, Ban of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia, a Croatian hero supporting independence in Revolutions of 1848 against Habsburg Austrian Empire, erected in 1866 was reinstalled in 1990 after the removal in 1947 under Communist rule.


Then you need to buy tickets here at TISAK, for trams, ZET; Zagrebački električni tramvaj, Zagreb Electric Tram.


Tram was quite compact but surprisingly clean and modern, making the trip enjoyable with next stop showing on LED panel.


Link; Zagreb Tram Routes in pdf


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