Finally, To Trieste, Italy – A Quest for Alfa Romeo Officina Ricambi


Next stop, Trieste, Italia~

Main reason? To get some (maybe more) parts for my Alfa Romeo Brera.


Well-paved, well-maintained highways makes driving into Italy pleasant.


Greeted by a small park with obelisk overlooking the city of Trieste.


After some really-incredibly-narrow twisting paths, voila, Autofficina Kutin Aldo, Alfa Romeo Officina Autorizzata!


Polizia Pantera 159, and vintage FIAT on the work, but they didn’t carry the parts  that I was expecting..


However, they referred me an official Alfa Romeo parts carrier, not that far away~ Bravo! So it’s De Bona Motors, FIAT, Alfa, Lancia, Abarth, Jeep official dealer~


Look at the headlamps, European spec Alfa 4C here, for sure~ And they’ve got the Ricambi department, with Toni.



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