Finally, To Medieval Split, the Largest City of Dalmatia


At Croatian local Tifon gas station (now under Hungary’s MOL Grupe), Gasolin/Petrol is called Benzin in Croatian, but doesn’t say it anywhere. Instead it says euroSUPER 95, 98+.. So go for something that doesn’t say DIESEL as Diesel spells the same.
Well, it’s better nowadays we don’t need to be careful to choose Bleifrei, Sans plomb, Unleaded anymore~


The Tower, Spalato  – Sketches from the Subject and Neighbor Lands of Venice, Edward A. Freeman


The medieval Split, the second largest city of Croatia, and the largest city of Dalmatia.


The most prominent place in the city of Split, Diocletian’s Palace, built in 305 AD.
The ground floor from seaside (Basement floor from the other side), is being used as a shopping mall.. Interesting idea..


The city is so very quite medieval everywhere, many parts not conserved nor renovated..


Peristyle and Cathedral Tower, Spalato  – Sketches from the Subject and Neighbor Lands of Venice, Edward A. Freeman


Conserved/renovated portions looks neat and proper.


But other parts ain’t, showing totally undisguised faces of long history – that is kinda quite bold, you know.


Statue of bishop Gregory of Nin in the Giardin Park. Supposed to rub the toe which would bring luck, and this little kid knows that.


Interestingly neon-signed WC was a pay toilet.


To the both sides of the converted mall in the ground floor of Diocletian’s Palace, art galleries are exhibiting contemporary arts. Kool~


And the sun sets.



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