Finally, Staying at Apartments Poljanak and a Glimpse of Plitvice


After the stop at DeBona Motors ordering parts to pick up later, it’s over 3 hour drive to Plitvice National Park.
Off highway E65 to E71, it’s long local twisty roads with almost no other traffic – could get somewhat scary at night.


With small but reasonably clean rooms and bathroom, there’s not really much anything to complain.. There’s even ashtray~


Located close to Plitvice National Park entrance 1 (Closed during off-season), you’ll be welcomed by very friendly, almost family-like lady & her daughter. They give you a good description and ways to best enjoy Plitvice, including the best spots around on different parts of the vast national park.


The spot where the lady suggested me to check on, where you can overlook the falls from the cliff, near the entrance 1.


Young teenage daughter served a hearty breakfast in the morning, kept asking if I’d want anything more. She was courteous enough to even let me use her cell phone for local calls.
Only if the Restaurants weren’t close by for dinner, as it’d be for any place in this area.
I’d recommend this homey place to anyone.


Link; Apartment Poljanak


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