Finally, Late Supper at Restoran Degenija at Plitvice National Park


From Tirste to Plitvice, you gotta get acroos the border twice, Italy to Slovenia, then to Croatia, making you get used to border crossing~


Rather late at night, Plitvice Lakes National Park sign finally greeted me after the long and winding roads.
And there were not much place open at this time, in this season, so this restaurant recommended by the lodging owner lady.


I was very hungry..


So I ordered local mineral water,


And Grilled Calamari sounded nice,


And I couldn’t stop there, another order of grilled meat, I guess it’s called ćevapčići, with fries.


Both were quite salty and the grilled meat was almost exactly the same as the lunch I had in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the ones later in Montenegro, tasting quite similar to Turkish Kebabs, only saltier..
Well, they used to be one country, Yugoslavia, after all.. But there could be better dishes than this..


Atmosphere: 7/10
Food: 6/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: 6.7/10

Link; Restoran Degenija


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