Finally, Genuinely Medieval Ljubljana Castle with Automata, via Funicular Railway


Ljubljana Castle would be the centerpiece when touring the city of Ljubljana, first built in 11th Century as a Roman army stronghold.



The castle was totally rebuilt in 15th century to defend Habsburg empire against Ottoman invasion and peasant revolt – Habsburg had pretty much the whole Eastern Europe at some point, including Northern Italy, then the Ottoman empire, currently Turkey, at its peak occupied pretty much of the rest to the east including Northern Africa and even the gulf.. Quite Impressive..


Anyways, it’s been revamped extensively as a cultural spot and Hire Venue for events including wedding, for more than 35 years since at the end of 1960s, and this funicular railway to the top of Castle Hill has been in service since 2006.


At 4 Euro for return trip, it’d be an interesting experience spending rather short one minute inside the glass structure taking you up or down overlooking the city.


Then the fun begins with the greetings from Automata playing drums in quite artistic form right after exiting the elevator.
It seems puppetry is deep in Slovenian culture as in Bohemians – such as Czech Republic.


Too clean and modernized buildings are rather unexpected, well, it’s fully renovated in 90s.


They have a permanent exhibition of simulated penitentiary with multimedia, depicting it well in actual medieval prison cells.



Them through the spiral steps in impressive red, voila~


And beautiful Baroque style ceiling with Gothic style windows at St. George’s Chapel; Sky Blue and Pink goes really well together.


Then down at the Congress Square with Slovenian Philharmonic in front, the University of Ljubljana at right.


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