Finally, Feeling Really Good at Apartment St. John II in Dubrovnik


Arrived in Dubrovnik late at night, this little lodge was a perfect place to taste the Old Town and surroundings of Dubrovnik.
Finding parking was little tricky up on this hilly area, but the Mr. and Mrs. Dario’s warm kindness and hospitality was well beyond my expectations – He personally went out with me and found a free safe parking spot for me.


You’re practically renting the whole place out, small building with bedroom, living room / kitchen and bathroom, plus the cute terrace where the owners are living next door. The terrace was so cute and amazing.


And there’s a small bakery nearby, Pekara Galeta, a handy place for breakfast.
Can’t say the taste was impressive, but we’re in Croatia, you know.


Cheese and Cherry filled Some Strudel like pastry and fresh cup of coffee got me get ready for the full day of adventure in the old city.




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