Finally, Dubrovnik Cable Car, Overlooking It All


Past the north side of mighty fortress, which looks little different from the night before, to take the the Dubrovnik Cable Car.


Round trip ticket for adult is at 108 Kuna, around $26, and the package with the exhibition – ‘Dubrovnik in Homeland War’ is at 138 Kuna.


Oh, Croatian Kuna look like this.
Currently, 10 Kuna is equivalent to around $1.50 USD. See there’s Dubrovnik Old Town engraved in the back of 50 HRK Note.
We’re supposed to only use Kuna in Croatia even though Croatia is part of EU.
But they take Euros in highways tolls and in tourist areas. Try not to get ripped off when paying in Euro, though.


Very pleasant ride as the whole Cable Car System is exceptionally clean and modern, in addition to the fact there weren’t many passengers at this time of the year.


The restaurant/cafe inside the cable car station building.


There’s an interesting looking Antenna tower, somewhat resembles spaceship from Tintin..


Then there’s the exhibition of ‘Dubrovnik in Homeland War’ back in 1991.
The building itself had many scars from bombardment..


The cable car system was totally up to date, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, kkk.



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