Finally, Cute & Clean Lobagola B&B in Zagreb


This cute and clean B&B was a pretty good choice for my first night’s stay in Croatia trip.


As Zagreb is not a huge city, the location was fine enough with tram stops in a walking distance, only a couple of stops to the center of the city, Ban Jelačić Square.
This place even has it’s own garage on site, so there’s no need to worry about parking.


With exceptionally clean and cozy rooms and adequate breakfast, there’s not much more you’d ask for a nice B&B.


Furthermore, the staffs here are super friendly and helpful trying to help you in any ways they could.
Especially, a young staff named Igor, was extremely helpful on finding a stuff I need, making multiple calls to make sure it’s available.
It was really warm-hearted, courteous support showing the truthful and sincere character of Croatian people that I’ve felt all along the trip all over Croatia. (except only on certain extraordinary cases)


All in all, I’d recommend this place to anyone who’d be in need of a clean and simple B&B in Zagreb, especially who needs safe parking spot in the city.


Link; Lobagola B&B Homepage



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