Finally, at Ljubljana Town Square with the Triple Bridge, Tromostovje


Down at the Prešeren Square in front of the famous Triple Bridge; After spending some time there examining the bridge, I wonder why it’s got to be triple instead of just one what it used to be, they say to prevent the bottleneck.., though..
The architect, Jože Plečnik might have been creative, but doesn’t seem to have been that talented..


The Franciscan Church of the Annunciation is in red color following the Franciscan monastic order, not overly impressive as well..


Prešeren Square is named after this Slovene national poet France Prešeren, not quite famous for non Slovenians.
But it’s great to have a statue of a poet at the main town square, not some king or some general, or some dictator.


And they were working on installing holiday ornaments, big scale, symbolizing maybe comets and the universe.


This people are artistic, I tell you that.


But the Triple bridges seem to be rather pointless, except the fact there are public toilets on both sides; one for gentlemen, one for ladies.


And bronze models of Ljubljana Castle and the city surrounding it, they must be very proud of the city. I agree.


And it was green with this community bicycle rental system, why not~

Link; Ljubljana Bicycle System



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